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Basic lay-it-down-to-me plot of both titles (possible spoilers)... The nation one day becomes infected with a strange disease, where everyone starts dying or killing each other on mass. Main character somehow overcomes the disease to some degree, lose the girl and goes on a journey to become stronger fighting off strange organizations. awalnya kamishiro berniat mengungkapkan perasaannya kepada teman masa kecil sekaligus cinta pertamanya, hanasono mika, tapi semua berubah ketika perasaannya bercampur dengan naluri membunuh. disepanjang volume 1, kamishiro menahan diri untuk tidak berfantasi mengenai darah dan raut kesakitan hanasono. dia pikir, menghindari hanasono dan melakukan percobaan bunuh diri akan mempermudah keadaan. tapi cerita tidak berjalan sesederhana itu, ada banyak rintangan yang menanti, termasuk bertemu dan melawan orang-orang lain yang terinfeksi. Kamishiro is kind, caring and humble. He is rather shy and reserved, and chooses to avoid conflict if he has to. He is also willing to help others on his own free will, as shown when he helps out the school janitors in keeping the school clean and attempts to stop a man from assaulting a woman, which would ultimately lead to him contracting Bloodlust. Wow. You're awesome. ahahha! :D/> Then, I'll leave it to you to finish and post the walkthrough then! Overall, I really enjoyed reading this *overlylongtitleIrefusetowrite*. The art can be eye candy sometimes and the story has it's interesting parts despite part of it being fairly obvious. Will I continue reading? Yes, but it's probably one of those titles I completely forget about along the way, only to start reading it again in a year or two. Just like how ''Alive'' managed to barely stay alive.

very similar plot device. Ironically both titles never managed to gain mainstream media attention even though they tried very hard. So if you have read ''Alive'', you will feel very much at home here. It's nothing from another world, especially in parts centered in dialogue, but I might say it's, generally, above average.. Character development: I don't think we ever saw any development. I guess the glasses guy learnt to forgive the one who hurt his love and to control his bloodlust, and the girl was starting to leave his ex behind and started loving the protagonist. Is it really a spoiler? It's obvious the second time we see her. Character Development: As I stated, she starts being quite energetic, forcing Kamishiro to go out and being nice to everyone who confesses to her. Basically, perfect popular girl. After chapter... what, 2? She ends up getting partial amnesia; after chapter 9, she gets infected and is terribly strong. She is then quiet and reserved and is barely seen, since she needs to be rescued from the hands of The Mastermind. Questo primo volume è... fatto male, posso capire che dare fin da subito spiegazioni su cosa, come e quando sia rischioso per la trama e impossibile, se tutti sapessimo fin dalla prima pagina chi è l'assassino in un giallo non leggeremmo mai il libro (forse) ma per lo meno sarebbe bello avere spunti intriganti per continuare la lettura, avere personaggi carismatici e interessanti da seguire e vicende curiose da scoprire invece ci ritroviamo con cose a caso e zerbini ambulanti.


Per questi motivi... mi sacrificherò e continuerò a leggere nonostante tutto, sperando in un miracolo. seseorang yang terjangkit bloodlust memiliki kekuatan 2x lebih kuat daripada manusia normal. karakteristik dari kekuatannya berbeda tergantung dengan keahlian dan situasi. kamishiro bukan superhero, karena yang dipikirkannya hanya niat membunuh. tapi ketika keadaan berubah menjadi pelik, kamishiro berbalik menggunakan kekuatannya untuk kebaikan meskipun mungkin saja keputusannya sia-sia oleh twist yang surealis serta berdarah-darah. Because, if you guys want, I could make a Yandere walkthrough for those of you who want to see every style/position that Having said that, it's also very similar to Kiseijyuu and Tokyo Ghoul; probably another half a dozen other titles with similar plot lines...

This idea of a male protagonist fighting his urge to kill his love interest is nothing new in anime/manga. Character Design: Just like Kamishiro, Average face, average weight, average personality. She has blonde, medium lenght hair. That's.. what else can I possibly say? 3/10This book dabbles in that. I think it is mainly just trying to make cute ladies look cute while dead. I don’t think they are too focused on death aesthetic (in Hannibal it is a visual priority and integral to the story). It is worth noting. Character... Fair I guess. Nothing special. Pretty much like every other main hero. Lame and bland high school student with a obsessive trait. It's sorta like, you know who everyone is before they are properly introduced. Not a bad thing really, but as you know what to expect, the character development (where there is a pretty good one) becomes poof. It loses it's meaning. Character design: average hair, average height, average weight, average face. He likes cleaning though! 3/10 In many cases, the trope involves the female character wanting the male to kill her, but the guy can’t deliver (Urotaukidoji, Gundam Wing). In other cases, the female can be killed again and again, so the male impulse to kill can be satiated while the female gets to live, or grow stronger (Tomie).

to explain a little about the premise. I might spoil, but most of these things are explained near the beginning.Of course, our protagonist only wants to kill her because he’s infected. This takes the “burden” of agency out of the equation, and makes the story seem indulgent a bit in a weird ass incel fantasy. The Mastermind (so as to not spoil who they are, though at this point I guess you don't really care about spoilers). When we are given a hint about his identity in chapter 14 I just found myself yawning. If you have read any manga similar to this, you would inmediately know who he is. It's not a surprise at all, and his character is unoriginal. He is the usual "bastard" character. His visual design is plain too. He is shorter than average though! 1.5/10

I'm also busy with the walkthrough and I'm done with Saki's part. I've found the Japanese walkthrough online so I followed that one and translated the sentences in how DarkEye has put it in the eroge. Art 8/10 - Nice and a fine art style, definitely a redeeming feature. However, certain faces often look like clones of each other, so negative for that. The members of Rudiment, or the protagonist's team, are also a bunch of stereotypical or average guys. We have the energetic, short tempered guy who believes in friendship and has spiky hair. The quiet, intelligent, glass wearing guy who is the strategist. The short girl who had a traumatic past and looks kinda average too but loves the protagonist. The doctor is also the "older woman who drinks but can be serious" type. Then we have Neibu, who is probably the only interesting guy in the team. He is foreign, has kind of a weird hairstyle, is the leader and is really smart but isn't afraid to show his feelings for his teamates and always seems to think ahead. Before chapter 9, he is seen as a very dangerous man, someone who is linked to many deaths and also makes a scary and threatening face towards the protagonist. He never makes this face again. He also has some kind of... keychain thing? It is never explained but it is shown a lot.Saki is quite possessive of Subaru. She believes that she should have Subaru since they've known each other for years and she is the first girl that he had sex with. Prior to the story, Saki set up microphones in Subaru's house, which is how she found out about Subaru's parents going away for a week. To make sure that she can get in and out of the house easily, she made a copy of his house keys and claims that his mother placed her in charge of taking care of him. She willingly assigns herself to doing housework for him. After their first time together, her feelings for him become more warped and she believes that she will one day become his wife. She gets jealous easily of Subaru being with other girls. She considers herself better for Subaru since she will let him do whatever he wants to her and she is willing to cook for him. In a couple of endings, she considers or goes through with killing other girls for being the object of Subaru's affections. In one of her endings, Saki hopes to bear Subaru's children, believing that he'll stay with her if she's pregnant. I've played the game and gotten every single CG. I actually already made a walkthrough, which I can post here: Just after that, Hanazono dissapears. After her leave,he joins the organisation and teams up with three ID infectees that try to overcome their blood lust: Akito Nishihashi, Ryouko Etou, and Tatsuya Kawamura. His objective is finding Hanozono and kill her. It starts with a young guy who is meant to be seen as a freak, since he is obsessive with cleaning. We see him around school, trying to confess to his childhood friend who everyone loves too! Either way, after some time, he realises that his love has turned into... bloodlust?! What?!

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